Free Computers for NGOs in developing countries

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What:- We are living in the computer age and the gadget has become almost essential utility in all spheres- be it in education and rural uplifment programmes. But most NGOs and volunteers do not have the capital to buy computers which greatly hampers their works. To fill that gap is a charity organisation called Computer Aid International (CAI). CAI has already shipped over 50,000 PCs to more than 90 developing countries.
Their main focus is on educational institutions and community-based organisations working in fields as diverse as HIV/Aids, environment, human rights, and primary healthcare.
Video for Applicants:-

Who:- NGOs in developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America and others are eligible to apply for this opportunity.
More:- To learn more and apply for free computers please check out the official website of CAI. The link is given below:-
1.  Official website of Computer Aid International


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